Please read all these terms and conditions.

By submitting a repair with us, you agree to accept these Terms and Conditions.


These Terms and Conditions will apply to repair services purchased by you (the customer or you) We Hive UAV Limited, trading as Hive Drone Store, whose registered office is at Office 1, WIN Business Park, Newry, Co. Down NI BT35 6PH.

We aim to provide you with an estimated cost for repair work within one to five business days of receiving the drone or item for repair.

Once you have accepted our estimated price, we aim to complete and return your drone within 31 days maximum.

Once your estimate is confirmed, changes to your repair may not be possible, and where amendments can be made, an additional charge will be added. Your shipping date may be subject to change.

Where repairs are booked and no longer available or (EOL), or parts are delayed or unavailable from manufacturers, we will inform you of this.


Occasionally further inspection is required when standard repairs have not worked, or a repair is more complex than anticipated. You will be notified of this as soon as possible with an updated estimate for your acceptance.

Any data stored on or with your item should be copied and stored separate from the unit, before  sending to Hive UAV Limited. We accept no liability for loss, damage or corruption of data caused.

During repair of the item, our engineers will need to open the unit to diagnose or repair it. This type of repairing comes with a high level of risk and may result in some minor damage to your item. We ensure this doesn’t happen, however if such an issue was to arise, Hive UAV limited will replaced the item damaged at no additional charge.

Hive UAV Limited accepts no liability for damage caused by previous repairs.

Hive UAV accepts no liability for any loss due to late delivery, extended repair time or items not functioning as a result of a repair conducted.

Hive UAV Limited accepts no liability for any loss (beyond the cost of the original repair) due to repaired / replaced components not functioning / malfunctioning following repair.

Hive UAV Limited accepts no liability for any kind of loss of item due to components not functioning / malfunctioning which were not replaced as part of the repair conducted.


You can cancel your repair order at any time prior to accepting our repair estimation; however, cancellations after accepting the estimate are not allowed.



Payment for repairs must be made on receipt of the invoice either by Credit, Debit Card or through our Third-Party payment providers available, ie. PayPal.

Repair items with outstanding invoices that are left with us for more than 31 days with no communication from the client will have a storage fee levied of £10 per week.

We reserve the right to recycle or dispose of drones left with us for periods exceeding 31 days, where we have been unable to contact you for payment.

The client is welcome to request a return of damaged parts that are removed from repair items as part of a repair. However, Hive UAV reserves the right to hold damaged parts. Damaged parts recycled or disposed of as soon as a repair is complete, so to provide a request to have parts returned must be made before the repair has begun, it may be possible to return the parts after, but please contact us.


It’s recommended that you use a reliable courier such as DHL or DPD when sending us your products and ensure it is tracked, signed for and insured.

If you are using our DHL collection and return service, it is your sole responsibility to ensure you, or someone is at the property for the collection. Otherwise, an additional collection charge may be added.

It’s your sole responsibility to ensure your drone is securely packaged. We recommend the original manufacturers box with added protection. Additionally, ensure the content of the box is unknown from the outside to avoid the risk of theft.

When sending us your products, please note that we only accept the drone and/or controller, whichever requires repair. Accessories, propellers chargers and batteries are not required, and Hive UAV Limited will not be held responsible if these are lost, damaged or not returned to you with the repaired item.

In the event, your drone is lost or damaged by a courier that has not been provided by Hive UAV Limited; it is your sole responsibility to ensure you instigate with that company. Hive UAV Limited do not get involved in disputes between customers and courier.

If you are unable to take delivery of your items upon return, Hive UAV Limited may charge additional storage or redelivery fees of said items. We are unable to change a delivery address for items once dispatched.

Upon receiving your item, please examine it to ensure its received in good order. If your item is damaged, please contact us immediately. Please keep all packaging received with the items as the courier may request evidence of damage caused while the item was in their care.


Our engineers always conduct a pre-shipping test of your drone. May that be either a bench test without a flight conducted or a flight test depending on the parts replaced.


These tests are to confirm that the components replaced as part of the repair are performing correctly.


These tests do not constitute any airworthiness and we do not guarantee that other parts of the aircraft that have not been repaired or replaced by Hive UAV Limited are functioning correctly, or will continue to function correctly.


We offer all our clients a 12-month warranty which only covers the original repair and parts replaced by Hive UAV Limited. Any faults occurring that are not directly related to the original repair are not covered under our warranty.

Damage caused post-repair which is assessed as being caused by misuse, pilot error or either intentionally or otherwise, is not covered under the warranty.

Repairs carried out by third-party companies or individuals will immediately void any warranty.

Any repair work carried out on a liquid/water damaged items will not come with a warranty. You will be informed of this prior to repair.

All warranty claims must be reported Hive UAV Limited within the warranty period and returned to our premises within 31 days from the date of notification.